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Serendipity Equine HavenEquine-assisted activities provide lasting benefits to riders and volunteers alike. See what others have to say!

“My daughters are ADHD and riding at Serendipity Equine Haven has done wonders for their ability to focus and complete tasks related to earning riding time”
~Single Dad

“I’ve been riding since I was four. It helps me move my muscles and get stronger. Riding helps my speech, coordination, self-esteem and confidence. I’m 12 now and I help the little kids who are afraid at first.”
~12 year-old rider

“Since I joined the Serendipity team, my grades have improved and I have made friends who love horses, too. I feel more confident and better about myself.”
~15 year-old rider

“Our family is so much better since we found Serendipity. Our children’s counselors have remarked on their improvement and heartily endorse horseback riding a good form of therapy.”
~Grandmother of two

“Retired people have fun at Serendipity, too. We help with the kids, horses and chores. Then we get to ride. Some of us had not ridden in 50 years, others had never ridden at all. We are quite a sight!”
~63 and 68 year-old volunteers